Small Business Online Marketing Considerations |

For small business online marketing can hugely powerful and profitable. Many small businesses now recognise the importance of having a synergised cohesive online marketing campaign that can do wonders for their bottom line.Most small businesses now have a website and many small businesses are now using Facebook and Twitter to boost their online presence. There are though some rules of the game (social media) which small business, in fact any business, must be aware of before they embark on a comprehensive online marketing assault. The evolution of online marketing has come a long way so lets take a look at the things to consider:1. How much do you know?The first thing to consider what do you know about the internet. For example, do you know what SEO (search engine optimisation) is? Do you know how Google works? Do you know how to find keywords? Do you know the difference between a head keyword and a long tail keyword and which one is better to get ranked highly by Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo? Determining your level of online marketing knowledge will help you determine what type of online marketing strategies you employ.

2. Who is your market?The next thing to consider who is your market? Again this will have an effect on what types of strategies to use. For instance are you selling to older people who may not use Facebook, or are you selling to a younger crowd? Are you selling to students and professionals? This will determine when you use Facebook for your small business and Twitter.3. How much time do you have?Online marketing takes time. There are no free lunches and patience is required. It’s a bit like going to a Financial Planner and hoping they will make you rich overnight. It’s not going to happen. Online marketing is a science rather than a magic act although things are becoming more automating and easier to do. For instance Facebook optimisation is easier now that small business can create stunning landing page which link to their websites. Small businesses using Twitter can now schedule bulk tweets. However you must ask yourself how much time can you invest on your internet marketing campaign, because again this will determine what you use and how often you use it.4. Are you already online?Do you already have a website achieving high SEO? Do you already use social media strategies for your small business? Maybe you all need to tweak around the edges. The fact is online marketing needs a consistent approach. It is all about Trust Marketing and building relationships and you can’t do that if your marketing is static. Again, you can now automate a lot of things like email newsletters and so on but trust marketing still requires a personal touch and social media allows this, don’t neglect it!

These are the important factors to consider for the online marketing of your small business. The fact is patience does pay off as long as you have the right ingredients and you are continually mixing them up. There are of course quite a few others factors to consider and really powerful strategies that you can employ to get your website up Google and use social media to increase your bottom line.

Your Opt In List Building Should Be The Foundation Of Your Home Business Online |

I just got home from dropping my son off at his mothers. We had a great day today; I love it when my son get’s to come to church with me. I did get some bad news today while I was at church. A very good friend of mine, Rick, pulled me aside and told me that two weeks ago he was fired from his job. My heart just sank.Rick is one of those guys that gets along with everyone. He is the good friend or the go to guy for many people here in Gainesville Georgia. He grew up here and has lived here all of his life. A little over two years ago, he moved to Alabama for a management position with his company. After a little over a year, he was able to transfer back to this area for a management position locally.I know Rick, and that year was probably one of the hardest years of his life. The sacrifice that he made personally was great. Not only did he move away from everything he knew, all his friends, and his family, he really disliked the job that he had to do in Alabama. Even being back here, the job was not the best, but it paid well for him, he was back here, and the biggest benefit for him was that he was finally able to afford to have his wife stay home from having to work outside the home. This has been a dream of his for a long time.

Now in just less than a year after coming back, he was fired on a technicality (he turned in an accident report a day late). He said that he had already found another job making deliveries for a uniform supply company. Now his is only making a little over $9.00 per hour. No shock here, his wife has had to go back to work too. He is taking all of this in stride, he says this will help him get by for now, until he can find something better.Why do I tell you about this? The reason is because of situations like this one, I have been trying to develop a business plan for online web marketing that I could step by step walk anyone through and teach them how to work from home and make a full time living.The reason I have started to include my computer back ground, is because I have learned from talking with many of you that sometimes, it is simply the technology that gets in the way of you being able to even start to build a business online from home. I am going to make my next five or so ezines dedicated to what I would have my good friend Rick do it he came to me and said, “Ok, Dan, I am ready to give it a try, how do I start to make money from home with my computer?”

Here we go!!! Let me start by saying that in my opinion, that opt in list building is the single most important place to start an online marketing plan. As you build a list of people who are willing to hear from you and maybe even do business with you: you have a foundation in which to build, measure progress, and make improvements from. I will explain this further over the next couple of days. This foundation will help most of you understand better why I started this ezine with the “400 day pre-written autoresponder” made available for free from Stone Evans. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to start, but start right, your home based business.